Adversity doesn’t build character…It reveals it!

What happens to you when the shit hits the fan?  Do you lash out at the world around you?  Do you throw a fit like a child who cannot have his/her way?  Are you one who remains composed only if life goes according to your plan?  If so, do the rest of us a favor and build a sound proof isolation room to put yourself in when you don’t like what life is offering.

Adversity doesn’t build character…It reveals it!

Character is something to build upon when life is right.  The problem is that most people don’t take the time to look at their current defects of character when all is well.  Doing life this way is the equivalent to burying your head in the sand.  We all know where our shortcomings reside and it seems like we are okay with not addressing them.  But there is a cost!  Life, being a series of you get your way and then you don’t, will turn you upside down and reveal your ugly side if you aren’t willing to look at who you become when the shit hits the fan.  If adversity brings out the worst in you, and people know it…Who will be there to help when you need it the most?  Only a few that have the ability look beyond your behavior and have the mental capacity to overlook what is happening in the moment.  I think it’s important to understand that this will only happen for a littlewhile.  Eventually people have enough and although they may not physically leave, they will detach emotionally because getting close means getting hurt.

I would also like to say that people who get spun like a research monkey by adversity also hurt themselves.  For example…How often have you said you’ll start your diet only to throw it out the window when something bad happens?  My point is that not building your character is to self destruct.

How do you build your character?  PRACTICE!  Where do you practice?  It begins between your ears!  To develop your character you must first develop your mindset.  How you view a situation, your mindset, is directly proportionate to how you will respond to it.  Notice that I use the word respond…To respond means to think then act.  To react means to jump!  It’s the jump that causes problems!  Those who jump, without rational and logical thinking, have lost their perspective.  They haven’t harnessed the ability to see the forest through the trees.  They have a mind that is easily shaken and most of the time a spine to match.  It doesn’t require any special character traits to lash out or give up.  However, self control does call for one to employ their strengths and solidarity at the right time under all circumstances.  This is where the champion resides.

What makes a person a champion?

  • The willingness to look at and embrace their weaknesses.
  • The ability to admit their shortcomings.
  • The courage to challenge themselves to be their best.
  • The fortitude to do what is just.
  • The desire to establish disciplines that serve as structures to taming the mind.
  • The persistence to practice these structures under any and all situations or circumstances.
  • The composure to perform well when life gets tough.

Where do you go to begin this process?  Many people hire a coach, become involved in a spiritual journey or join like minded people with the desire to improve.  I have utilized all of these in my quest to change those things about myself that don’t serve my life.  Have I arrived at my destination?  No way!  But I am better than I used to be.  Along the way I’ve learned a lot about who I was, who I am and who I can be.  As a result, I have created a structure that challenges me to practice mindsets that I believe true champions utilize to their advantage.  These mindsets allow champions to not only serve their life, but lives of those around them.  They always place themselves in a position to contribute something useful where others, in the same situation, contribute something of no value what so ever.  Is it because they don’t care?  Not at all, they simply lack the ability to tame their mind causing them to react.  If you would like access to what works for me, and many others, please visit the link below to subscribe.  I call it The Mindset Email and it’s your for free.

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